DU Sturm Center for Military Psychology

Expanding Behavioral Health Services for Military and Veterans in Our Community

The Sturm Family Foundation and the University of Denver’s (DU) Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) have partnered to create a specialty academic and clinical training track for graduate students who wish to serve this population and to address the need for psychologists. The Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology helps expand behavioral and mental health services for the individuals who have served our country, in both the Colorado and DU communities.

Military psychology is a sub-discipline borne out of the need to address the unique issues that are faced by Veterans, Service Members and their families. Active duty and military Veterans are often plagued by above-average rates of substance abuse, chronic homelessness, psychological disorders, suicide, and impaired vocational functioning because of the impact of their service and reintegration challenges. This population deserves care from those providers who have expertise and an understanding of their unique issues. The Graduate School for Professional Psychology has partnered with the Sturm Family Foundation to employ experienced psychologists with specific expertise in military and Veteran psychology to oversee the clinical and academic work in this specialty.

Operation EQUINE the the DU Sturm Center for Military Psychology have teamed up to provide a secondary internship site for students who want to learn more about the powerful impact that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning has with this unique population.